Stefan Habel

Visual Effects Software Engineer

Node Framework

06 / 06 / 2018

An object-oriented C++ framework implementing a data structure for building complex 3D scenes

My role: Software Engineer, UI Designer
Languages/Frameworks used: C++, Qt

Just like with frapper the classes for the Node Framework have been extracted from the aQtree project in order to be able to build other applications needing a data structure for complex 3D scenes upon the same code base.

The Node Framework provides applications with a factory for scene objects (so-called nodes) that uses plugins for defining the different node types. Nodes can have parameters of various types, including integer and floating point numbers, strings, boolean values etc., and connections between parameters of nodes can be set up so that complex evaluation and organization dependencies can be built.
Screenshot of aQtree (07/28/2008), an application using the Node Framework