Stefan Habel

Visual Effects Software Developer
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Node Framework

An object-oriented C++ framework implementing a data structure for building complex 3D scenes

Last updated: 30 December 2021

My role: Software Engineer, UI Designer
Languages/Frameworks used: C++, Qt

As with frapper, the classes for the Node Framework were extracted from the aQtree project, in order to be able to build other applications needing a data structure for complex 3D scenes using the same code base.

The Node Framework provides applications with a factory for scene objects (so-called nodes), which uses plug-ins for defining the different node types. Nodes can have parameters of various types, including integer and floating-point numbers, strings, boolean values etc., and connections between parameters of nodes can be set up, in order to define complex evaluation and organization dependencies.
Screenshot of aQtree (07/28/2008), an application using the Node Framework