Stefan Habel

Visual Effects Software Developer
Photo from Flickr: Wasserschloss at Holländischbrookfleet in Hamburg's Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) at Dusk

Kieselstein (2007)

3D animated short film

Last updated: 30 December 2021

Directed by Ellen Hoffmann

My role: Scripting, Tool Development
Software used: Python, C++, Qt

I wrote a Python script that allowed Ellen to replace images in an image sequence with the respective previous frames. To make using the script even easier, I created a GUI in C++ using the Qt framework, which worked as a remote control for the Python script.

Kieselstein was rendered using the first version of the aQtree non-photorealistic renderer.

You can watch the film on YouTube:

Pebble Stone | A Short Film by Ellen Hoffmann on YouTube
Screenshot of the Drop Frames GUI Still from Kieselstein (1/4)
Still from Kieselstein (2/4)
Still from Kieselstein (3/4)
Still from Kieselstein (4/4)