Stefan Habel

Visual Effects Software Developer
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Filmakademie Films

Last updated: 30 December 2021

This collection of pages outlines some of the films I contributed to during my time as an R&D Intern, Student, and R&D Engineer at the Institute of Animation of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg from 2005 to 2009.

Project Directed by My Role Software/Language
Strider (2009) Maryna Shchipak Software Developer aQtree, C++
Mobile (2009) Verena Fels Effects TD Houdini, Python, Maya
Urs (2009) Moritz Mayerhofer Effects TD Houdini
Cartoon Forum Trailer (2008) Regina Welker & Max Lang Scripting Python, Maya
Color Flow (2008) Sascha Geddert, Sebastian Nozon, Roland Petrizza Scripting Python, VirtualDub
Frog In The Throat (2008) Wolfram Kampffmeyer Scripting XSI
They Will Come To Town (2008) Thilo Ewers Effects TD Houdini, Maya
BMW Z12 Concept (2008) Marius Plock Lighting, Shading, Scripting Maya, mental ray, Python
Walka (2008) Agnieszka Kruczek Effects TD Houdini, Python, Maya
Kieselstein (2008) Ellen Hoffmann Scripting, Tool Development Python, C++, Qt
Red Rabbit (2007) Egmont Mayer Effects TD Houdini, Python, XSI
Worldstar (2007) Nataša von Kopp Illustrator Illustrator, Photoshop
Roland Emmerich Trailer (2007) (Roland Emmerich) Editing Premiere
Kinski Revisited (2007) Andreas Krein Tracking, Matchmoving Boujou, Maya
Plywood Pirates (2007) Stefan Schomerus Scripting Python, ImageMagick, FrameCycler
Monster (2007) Tim Günther Modeling Maya, Houdini
Aal im Schädel (2006) Martin Rahmlow Scripting Maya, MEL